Word Not World Series E: Expectations

E for Expectations.

You would think that when you would get out of college, you would stop learning. Wrong. No, you are not writing essays and exercising critical thinking but after college, life becomes the professor. That sounds cheesy, I know, but it’s true.

After I graduated from college, I expected to be working within my profession and have a good amount of money saved up. I expected to endure an hour commute and complain about it to coworkers during water breaks. But life does not have easy transitions and that is okay.  There are other people in this world who are fighting for the same chances that I am and soon it will be my turn.

I am working part time in two food buisnesses instead of a cubicle and that is fine, I am saving money in a different forum. I am serving people food instead of serving my editor the next article and that is fine. I am not on any bestseller list and that is fine as well. I am not married or have children and that is fine. There are things that I cannot control and that is fine. That is what life after college has taught me and luckily, there is no upcoming exam for it.

The reason that I am saying that everything is “fine” and “okay” is because it is. Yes, I want to be successful but success is not easy to come by. I need to prepare for it. I am working on the foundation on which I will stand and say “I have climbed so high.” You do not want you foundation to crumble, so that is why you make sure everything is sealed, packed, and uniform. Look at a brick wall. Look at historical buildings like the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China. They did not just appear overnight and neither will I. Hundreds of people worked on these structures for decades until they succeeded in their goal.

No, I am not one-hundred people. But I have the will of one-hundred.

Expect the Unexpected.

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