No. 2: “Former Tomboy takes on Ulta”

Kathryn Marian Sine.

When you hear that name, what do you imagine?

A lady, perhaps?

I was not a lady growing up. I was a shy “tomboy” instead.

I rode up and down my cousin’s driveway with a skateboard every weekend. I did not flinch whenever I scraped a knee. I never played with a Barbie or Bratz doll in my life. I collected Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokémon cards and filed them away in a ginormous white binder. (I had a blue eyes white dragon AND a red eyes black dragon… ready to duel?). I ran around as the Blue Ranger from Power Rangers.

I also despised wearing makeup.

My sisters on the other hand did not. They made daisy chains and experimented with what blue shadow would complement their eyes or stroll into Claire’s for a lip gloss kit.

Sometimes, they would do make up studies on me to see how I would look without the dirt and scrapes. I felt like a beetle, pinned under a microscope. But instead of a microscope, brushes hung over my face.

As I got older, I did get into makeup. I learned from my older sister how to conceal circles under my eyes and the best technique to apply mascara without poking an eye out. (It still happens from time to time). I now know what kind of skin I have as well! But I can still never do what women and men on YouTube do with makeup. They can use lipstick as eye shadow and even blush. They can create these extravagant looks with one brush in their arsenal. I am just lucky that I finally have contouring down… barely.

So, when I went into Ulta for the first time at twenty-two years old I knew that I would be lost. Luckily, I had my younger sister there to accompany me and be my tour guide.

Ulta is a wonderland of colors and applicators. Once I stepped in I was hit by so many possibilities. So many looks I could attempt.

I was so confused to as where everything else besides “testers” were and if I could buy a tester…? I wandered around the store, past blushes and eyeliners until I came across my favorite makeup line, E.L.F. I have loved this brand since I started wearing makeup not only because of how cheap it is (3$), but because of how well it works. I have honestly never had a breakout or reaction to their items.

I picked out mascara and a concealer/highlighter combination from E.L.F. and continued to walk down the line. Then I saw it.

A row of eye shadow palettes.

The nice ones.

I felt like I knew what I was doing when I “swatched” the eye shadows. Swatches are not only used in Home Depo to find out which shade of red should be used for your sunroom. There is another way to swatch, to paint your hand with the arrayed shades in the palette to see how pigmented it is as well as how it will compliment you. (My hand was striped like a glamorous tigress at the end of my swatching). Morphe is a brand that I have never seen before, but it is great. I have dark brown eyes, so it was great finding a whole series where I knew each color would make them stand out. Instead of having a choice of three colors and a few questionable shades on the side.

With my streaked hands I went up to the counter and purchased my two E.L.F. products and Morphe’s “Bronzed Mocha” (18$, you’ve got to treat yourself to some nice a** makeup sometimes). The cashier asked me if I was interested in signing up with Ulta to redeem points and I answered with a wholehearted yes. Because this would not be the last time I would do my cosmetic grocery shopping at the store. I would collect all the palettes they had, just like in the Pokémon games of my past.

So, a former tomboy took on the beast that is Ulta and won without denting my sword, or at least this time, my bank account. Ulta has so many great brands that you can purchase. I was so surprised that they carried E.L.F. The customer service was great, and I was not at all intimidated when I went there. Confused, yes, but only for a hot second.

Until we meet again Ulta.

Hope you enjoy!



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