Two Truths and a Lie:

  1. I am one child out of five kids.
  2. I have met Hugh Jackman.
  3. I absolutely HATE bell peppers.

I am the second oldest in the line-up of five children.

I have not met Hugh Jackman. But I will review some of his movies in the future. (I am a huge fan of Hugh Jackman, ps.)

I really do HATE bell peppers. I get a headache whenever I smell them cook and I just despise the vegetable. So, during day trips or reviews, you will never read about me eating anything with bell peppers in it.

Hi, I am Kate Sine, and this is my blog: “Slice of Kate.”

I recently graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English at Frostburg State University and I want to use this blog to expand and highlight my writing. As well as have my postings serve as a foreground for conversations.

This blog exemplifies the slices of myself, what I enjoy most in life. Which are; movies, my chocolate lab: Rosie, animals in general, travelling, and consuming things. I also want to share with the people out there my past experiences. As I hope that readers can relate and see that others may go through the same things as they have. We all have someone to lean on. Even if it is by reading a paragraph written by a 5’3 twenty something.

I hope you enjoy!